Welcome to the world sweet boy. I Lake County birth photographer

To say the I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be welcomed by this amazing family into the delivery room for the birth of their 4th son Bram Emerson is quite the understatement. To be trusted with such a special moment was so special and something I truly hope this family will cherish for a very long time. Watching the excited and love come from everyone in the room even the staff was so much fun. Seeing the joy in the doctors face announce, "It's a BOY!" to this sweet family for the FOURTH time was so exciting for her. Baby Bram's Auntie and Oma were so overjoyed to be in the room to watch this strong momma so calmly bring her 4th child into this world all with Daddy so supportively by her side. Thank you again, S family for sharing this moment with me. Congratulations on the birth of your beutiful son.2015-07-30_0038.jpg 2015-07-30_0032.jpg 2015-07-30_0031.jpg 2015-07-30_0034.jpg 2015-07-30_0004.jpg 2015-07-30_0035.jpg 2015-07-30_0016.jpg 2015-07-30_0033.jpg 2015-07-30_0029.jpg 2015-07-30_0036.jpg