Welcome to the World baby Bryn | Lake County newborn photographer

Of all the sessions I offer Fresh 48 sessions are at the top of my list. There is no bigger compliment than being welcomed into a family's hospital room just hours after welcoming their new baby into their family. I love getting to see the new baby's parents and siblings just fall in love with each and every part of them. Their tiny toes and hands, staring at their beautiful faces, shushing them as they makes those adorable newborn sounds and snuggling them tight to keep them warm and cozy. Those first few days go so fast and often times are a blur for many as they were for me so I take such pride in being there to help my families capture these first moments. Pickens Family, I am honored to be a part of your life and cannot wait to watch Bryn Rae grow up into a beautiful, smart little girl just as I know she will. Congratulations.2016-09-08_0020.jpg 2016-09-08_0030.jpg 2016-09-08_0033.jpg 2016-09-08_0029.jpg 2016-09-08_0003.jpg 2016-09-08_0001.jpg 2016-09-08_0038.jpg 2016-09-08_0032.jpg 2016-09-08_0031.jpg 2016-09-08_0035.jpg 2016-09-08_0012.jpg 2016-09-08_0036.jpg 2016-09-08_0037.jpg 2016-09-08_0034.jpg