Wallace Family | Lake County, IL Family Photographer

Stunning clients styled by my lovely stylist Kaprice and this stunning backdrop made for one of my favorite sessions of the year. This family was so trusting and wonderful to work with. As an atrist, I have a vision and to work with clients who truly trust in that is everything I adore. A lot goes into planning a photography session. Finding the right photographer for your family, selecting a date and location and of course finding WHAT TO WEAR! We can have the perfect night, the perfect location and if what your wearing just isn't right your session may end up not being exactly what you were hoping for. Kaprice is someone who's style I have adored since first sight at preschool drop off 3 years ago. This is the honest truth! Even when she isn't trying, she dresses so cute and stylish. After getting to know her I learned she actually went to school for design. You guys, she is so, so good! Her style boards make it easy for you to see your family's outfits come together and she includes links on where to purchase everything!! The process is seriously so easy. Thank you Kaprice for styling this gorgeous family as perfectly as you did and thank you Wallace Family for your trust and ease. XOXOBNP_3870.jpg BNP_4020.jpg BNP_3977.jpg BNP_4064.jpg BNP_4120.jpg BNP_4167.jpg BNP_4302.jpg BNP_4356.jpg BNP_4358.jpg BNP_4410.jpg BNP_4515.jpg BNP_4631.jpg It was so awesome to see this gorgeous style board come to life.  Such stunning choices that worked so beautifully for this family! styleboards.jpg