Waiting I Lake County Maternity Photograper

Every so often I get to meet and work with a very special family. This is one of those families. They also happen to be neighbors and friends of mine and I am so happy my girls get to grow up with such good, well behaved and well mannereed little boys. We all cant wait to see what baby #4 will be. Schawel family, you are so loved.2015-06-26_0001.jpg 2015-06-26_0002.jpg 2015-06-26_0003.jpg 2015-06-26_0004.jpg 2015-06-26_0005.jpg 2015-06-26_0006.jpg 2015-06-26_0007.jpg 2015-06-26_0008.jpg 2015-06-26_0009.jpg 2015-06-26_0010.jpg 2015-06-26_0011.jpg 2015-06-26_0012.jpg 2015-06-26_0013.jpg 2015-06-26_0014.jpg 2015-06-26_0015.jpg 2015-06-26_0016.jpg 2015-06-26_0017.jpg 2015-06-26_0018.jpg