Trust in the journey | Lake county il family photographer

Having a family ask you to capture a special time in their life is such a compliment. When a family retuns year after year it is truly humbling. It is affirmation that they are happy, that they get me as I grow and follow my own heart on this journey. I met the R Family when baby girl was just 2 months old, their family has grown and their love for one another has been so special to watch. Having 2 little ones close in age can be so trying at times, but this family nails it. Their babies are so happy and the respect and love they have for one another is something rare. R Family, you know I adore you and hope to see that blanket possibly get a little fuller in the years to come. XOBNP_0712.jpg BNP_0663.jpg BNP_0791.jpg BNP_0808.jpg BNP_0862.jpg BNP_0933.jpg BNP_0951.jpg BNP_0989.jpg BNP_1003.jpg BNP_1030.jpg BNP_1045.jpg BNP_1102.jpg BNP_1123.jpg BNP_1186.jpg BNP_1215.jpg BNP_1257.jpg