The Van Family | Lake County, IL family photographer

Ahhhh, I was so excited to see this family aagin as the last time I got to see them their oldest babe was just about 6 months old. I still remember one of her exact images as it remains to be ones of my favorites to date. I have no idea how we got so lucky with all of this amazing sun light as the entire day was super cloudy but the sun decided to join us just in time for their session and I couldnt be happier. There is no greater joy than a family inviting me to capture their moments time and time again. Van family, your girls are stunning and you are truly blessed, thank you for trusting me with your moments. XO2015-10-13_0020.jpg 2015-10-13_0033.jpg 2015-10-13_0006.jpg 2015-10-13_0035.jpg 2015-10-13_0036.jpg 2015-10-13_0008.jpg 2015-10-13_0032.jpg 2015-10-13_0022.jpg 2015-10-13_0030.jpg 2015-10-13_0034.jpg 2015-10-13_0027.jpg 2015-10-13_0037.jpg 2015-10-13_0031.jpg