Take your time | Grayslake, IL Lifestyle Photographer | Bella Nicole Photography

I'm a Momma to two very shy little girls. I get it. The thought of having a new photographer come into your home and getting your shy TWO YEAR OLD to actually open up to them is terrifying. Right? When I shoot any session I don't come with an agenda, time limit or rules. I take my time, we play, have fun and work towards real moments. I don't force moments. I let them happen NATURALLY. The little guy in this adorable session wanted nothing to do with me upon arrival, as most children don't. Big sis, was also pretty apprehensive. This was a Momma + Me mini session. I think I spent almost an hour a half with this family. We just hung out and took our time. Just because it's a mini session, doesn't mean they're rushed through and if I don't get "the" shot in the "allowed" time then oh well, I'm done. I shoot until I, as the creative artist feel as if I have a deliverable product. I am a Mom, I just get it. I want you to go into your session knowing that if your kid acts like, well a kid that's okay. Please, don't sweat it. We will capture amazing moments. This, I promise you. Oh and by the way, this 10 image "mini session" had a deliverable gallery of 165, thats how great it went. MacNaught Family, you're sweet, caring and one of my new faves. xoBNP_7850.jpg BNP_7950.jpg BNP_7998.jpg BNP_8007.jpg BNP_8092.jpg BNP_8135.jpg BNP_8247.jpg BNP_8299.jpg BNP_8375.jpg BNP_8341.jpg BNP_8417.jpg BNP_8468.jpg