T Family | Lake County IL Family Photographer

My stylist Kaprice and I worked with this gorgeous family just a couple of weeks ago and I think the outcome is perfection. This was *supposed* to be a mini session but with over 90 images in their gallery I will leave the hard part of selecting their gallery to Momma. This family selected the "Shop our Closet" option that Kaprice offers and I think the consultion took Kaprice all of 30 minutes. The family only had to buy one piece, which were dads shorts. Although it was about 150 degrees outside they were comfortable, we took our time, and most of all, other than being a little hot we had fun during our session and the family is left with over 90 images to choose from. I am loving styled sessions for my clients as it takes the stress out of the biggest aspect in most of my clients sessions and the number one question I recieve, which is now, "What do we wear?" T Family, you are stunning and thank you so much for trusting Kaprice and I with your special moments. xoxo - Krissy and Kaprice!2016-08-08_0008.jpg 2016-08-08_0045.jpg 2016-08-08_0048.jpg 2016-08-08_0047.jpg 2016-08-08_0051.jpg 2016-08-08_0046.jpg 2016-08-08_0053.jpg 2016-08-08_0028.jpg 2016-08-08_0044.jpg 2016-08-08_0050.jpg 2016-08-08_0054.jpg 2016-08-08_0055.jpg 2016-08-08_0052.jpg 2016-08-08_0049.jpg 2016-08-08_0015.jpg