Slaone turns ONE | Lake County, IL child photographer

I remember when this gorgeous little girls momma was just a little girl herself and now her little babes are growing up so stinking fast. She has 2 of the prettiest, sweestest girls and I love that they are just a little sliver in my life cause they are some pretty special girls. To my Sloanie Balonie on your first birthday, dream big baby girl, you are so loved.2015-10-10_0002.jpg 2015-10-10_0016.jpg 2015-10-10_0011.jpg 2015-10-10_0015.jpg 2015-10-10_0001.jpg 2015-10-10_0008.jpg 2015-10-10_0017.jpg 2015-10-10_0014.jpg 2015-10-10_0018.jpg