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Messages like this one only just reaffirm, for me, just how special lifestyle photography is and why I made the switch heading into 2017. Hi Krissy, 3rd times a charm!!!

Well... I think I finally got something right after 3 tries. It only took having 3 kids but I have reached perfection thanks to Krissy!

When I had my first child- Ethan. We had pictures taken at the hospital by a hospital photographer and my husband and I decided we could recreate the pictures they took of him and saved the couple of hundred pictures. The picture displays the cute outfit I stressed over. I was not in any of the pictures so I decided I would change that with number 2!

Shane came along and the hospital pictures improved. They captured my husband and I with our newest addition- I was finally in a picture I would put on the wall. We printed the pictures and put them on frames. When I look at the picture, I loved that I was in it but hated the posed look of it. When we look at the individual shots, we only know if it is Shane or Ethan based on the outfit and props used.

This December we had our 3rd child- Evelyn. Krissy was our photographer- I didn't stress about what to put Evelyn in- I was told to just have her in a plain white or pink onesie. She came to the hospital and did the fresh 48 pictures as well as our house for the newborn lifestyle photos. The pictures of us at the hospital are exactly the way I viewed the moment through my eyes. The older boys looking at their little sister with love and curiosity, our family picture of all of us on the hospital bed- they capture the personalities of each family member and the raw emotion of the day. Ethan being affectionate with Dad and cautious of the new addition, Shane being the bull in a China shop and jumping right in, and the love we all share. We might have been told to sit on the bed and look at each other but the moment was real! The pictures of us at the house show what it is like on a day to day basis- Shane climbing onto my lap any moment he can, Ethan loving everyone in his own way. These pictures will be framed and hung on the wall and every time I look at them I will remember the moment and the joy we felt!

My family is perfectly imperfect and Krissy perfectly captured us! Katcher Family - 2017

Yes, so much! As this is exactly why I love lifestyle. These sessions are fun, stree-free, loving and most importantly, REAL. You dont need a perfect house or the perfect color on your walls. You don't need top of the line furniture or a home out of a magazine. You just need you and your family willing to love one another and let that be captured during your session.

xoxo, Krissy 2017-01-11_0001.jpg 2017-01-11_0002.jpg 2017-01-11_0037.jpg 2017-01-11_0003.jpg 2017-01-11_0038.jpg 2017-01-11_0004.jpg 2017-01-11_0005.jpg 2017-01-11_0036.jpg 2017-01-11_0008.jpg 2017-01-11_0013.jpg 2017-01-11_0014.jpg 2017-01-11_0015.jpg 2017-01-11_0040.jpg 2017-01-11_0039.jpg 2017-01-11_0020.jpg 2017-01-11_0021.jpg 2017-01-11_0044.jpg 2017-01-11_0027.jpg 2017-01-11_0042.jpg 2017-01-11_0028.jpg 2017-01-11_0029.jpg 2017-01-11_0041.jpg 2017-01-11_0043.jpg 2017-01-11_0035.jpg