My journey, capturing your moments

Whew… what a ride. I would have never dreamt that Bella Nicole could come so far. When I decided to turn my love of capturing moments into a business my goal was to maybe photograph 1-2 families a month. In my busiest month since April 2012 I shot 32 families!!! WHAT?! How did that happen??? The answer is, I have no idea! I remember going on my first couple of sessions to help build my portfolio and how nervous I was. I felt like such a phony calling myself a “photographer.” I did about 20 sessions for free and then slowly started charging very small amounts.   I will never forget when I had my first paying client. Someone is actually willing to pay me to take their pictures??? It was the weirdest yet coolest feeling. In the last almost 2 years I have shot everything from a small wedding to a one year olds birthday party. I have done newborn twins (eekkkk, so exciting) and first birthday cake smashes! So fun!!! When I first started I totally thought my style was very costumed and propy… boy was I wrong. My style today is one I hope to continue to grow, learn and perfect. Some of my all time favorite photos of my family and I are those real moments when were just being us, having fun and being silly. I like to say that I am capturing moments, as that is my goal. I do not want to line everyone up perfectly and say 1-2-3 cheese!   That is just a boring old picture. Instead I would rather say, everyone have fun, smile and be silly. Those are the real moments that we should all strive to capture a little more. Social media is wonderful, without it I may not be here, however it has given us all this image that we need to be perfect. Well my perfect is real moments and that is what I strive for when capturing moments for your family.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been there since day one and who have taken a chance on me. Thank you for letting me learn and make mistakes with your moments. Thank you for trusting me! Without all of you, I would not be able to be living this dream.

I truly do have the best clients on earth.

XO Krissy