My boys | Lake County IL Family Photographer

When God blessed me with the Lopez family as neighbors I had no idea he was giving me a new sister, brother and 4 nephews to love. I have never in my life been so loved and welcomed into another family as I have this family and I am so grateful for them and their love. I love all 4 of these boys as if they were mine and I love getting to watch them grow into loving, adorable, young men. Lopez Family, thank you for every single thing you do for my family and I. We love you and are so grateful for you!2016-08-04_0016.jpg 2016-08-04_0029.jpg 2016-08-04_0014.jpg 2016-08-04_0026.jpg 2016-08-04_0013.jpg 2016-08-04_0028.jpg 2016-08-04_0031.jpg 2016-08-04_0032.jpg 2016-08-04_0027.jpg 2016-08-04_0005.jpg 2016-08-04_0030.jpg