Momma + Me | Volo, IL Lifestyle Photographer | Bella Nicole Photography

As a Momma, how many pictures do you have of of your children? How many pictures do you have of you and your children TOGETHER? That is why these sessions are so special to me. Lets be real, for me, getting my husband to take a picture of my girls and I is like pulling teeth. I mean, he loves pictures but after the fact. He hates the struggle of them. So he would rather not go them. Ask him to retake a picture because of a blinker or bad lighting, forget it. Last year I went to the studio of my favorite photographer and she took the most beautiful real images of my girls and I for Mothers Day and ones that cherish and look at daily as they hang in my loft where I work. My girls have them in their room and love talking about how much fun we had that day. Pictures should be fun, and something to look bak on and talk about all of the silly, fun-loving and sweet memories you made on that day. Like when Momma let you eat donuts in bed and even jumped on the bed with you. I am so excited to be offering my annual Momma + Me sessions this year as in-home sessions, where your little ones feel the most comfotable and we can just play, have fun and make special memories for you to look back on cherish as well. BNP_3779.jpg BNP_3796.jpg BNP_3843.jpg BNP_3846.jpg BNP_3855.jpg BNP_3869.jpg BNP_3965.jpg BNP_4010.jpg BNP_4037.jpg BNP_4071.jpg BNP_4111.jpg BNP_4123.jpg BNP_4163.jpg BNP_4240.jpg BNP_4306.jpg BNP_4316.jpg BNP_4332.jpg BNP_4337.jpg