M Family | Lake County, IL Family Photographer

4 girls!!! I would die, I can barely deal with the tudes on my 2 right now. These girls were so well behaved and rocked their session. We had so much fun together and I loved getting to watch each of their differnt personalities come out. Getting to learn their names was another story, I am terrible at names and this family challenged me for sure. Thank you for trusting me with your moments M family, those girls are GORGEOUS!2015-09-29_0018.jpg 2015-09-29_0027.jpg 2015-09-29_0033.jpg 2015-09-29_0028.jpg 2015-09-29_0032.jpg 2015-09-29_0030.jpg 2015-09-29_0029.jpg 2015-09-29_0031.jpg