Little Miss E | Lake County IL family photographer

This is my 3rd session with this gorgeous family but my first with the whole family and I was *so* excited. Last time I photographed sweet Eleanor she just turned 1 and I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick family shot but this time around I loved focusing on all 3 of these gorgeous poeple. I think litte Miss Ellie liked it too. She loves her momma and dadda so, so much! Reget family, I for real think I am going to move in and just become a Reget too, you guys are some of my faves!2015-09-26_0014.jpg 2015-09-26_0029.jpg 2015-09-26_0026.jpg 2015-09-26_0031.jpg 2015-09-26_0019.jpg 2015-09-26_0028.jpg 2015-09-26_0024.jpg 2015-09-26_0033.jpg 2015-09-26_0018.jpg 2015-09-26_0030.jpg 2015-09-26_0025.jpg 2015-09-26_0027.jpg 2015-09-26_0032.jpg