The next chapter *Emily* Lake County, IL senior photographer

I was so honored to help Christine capture this special time in her first daughters life.  As most of you know, I have 2 girls myself and I can totally see how this whole, "It happens in the blink of an eye" thing happens.  Time really needs to slow down.  Emily, you were truly a dream to work with.  I loved spending time with you, your mom and your awesome little sis.  You will do great things!  Best of luck to you as you head to the next chapter of your life!2015-05-11_0029.jpg 2015-05-11_0028.jpg 2015-05-11_0027.jpg 2015-05-11_0026.jpg 2015-05-11_0025.jpg 2015-05-11_0024.jpg 2015-05-11_0023.jpg 2015-05-11_0022.jpg 2015-05-11_0021.jpg 2015-05-11_0020.jpg