He's almost here! | Lake County, il Maternity Photographer | bella nicole Photography

When I first met this beautiful family it was for their first daughters 1st birthday and now they are about to welcome their first son into their family! Their session was filled with everything you would expect with 2 little ones and 1 on the way. I capture the love, the snuggles and all the sweet moments that happen when Mom + Dad may not even realize they are happening. Nasatir Family, thank you for your trust in capturing this special time for your amazing family. I adore out time together and cannot wait to meet your little man! BNP_2947BNP_2955 BNP_3022.jpg BNP_3102.jpg BNP_3139.jpg BNP_3158.jpg BNP_3231.jpg BNP_3272.jpg BNP_3238.jpg BNP_3308.jpg BNP_3356.jpg BNP_3341.jpg BNP_3373.jpg BNP_3404.jpg BNP_3423.jpg BNP_3442.jpg BNP_3456.jpg BNP_3458.jpg BNP_3477.jpg BNP_3484.jpg BNP_3491.jpg BNP_3510.jpg BNP_3528.jpg