Good Love | Lake County, IL family photographer

"You've gotta be careful when you've got good love because the angels wil just keep on multiplying." - Jack Johnson This was the verse from a song chosen by this adorable couple to help announce that this family will be growing by one! I loved it because seriously there were so stinking adorable and in love and I have no idea how they do it. Tracy and Travis, you are my idols, for real and I cant wait to meet #4 in 5 months. I'm rooting boy for that little cutie of your to have a buddy that he doesn't have to play Barbies with. 2015-09-04_0024.jpg 2015-09-04_0025.jpg 2015-09-04_0007.jpg 2015-09-04_0029.jpg 2015-09-04_0017.jpg 2015-09-04_0027.jpg 2015-09-04_0006.jpg 2015-09-04_0026.jpg 2015-09-04_0005.jpg 2015-09-04_0028.jpg 2015-09-04_0030.jpg