Family I Lake County Family Photographer

This family reminds me a lot of myself when I get my own family ready for our annual family photos. Momma put a lot of thought into outfits, the location and she got just as excited as I always did when I was tagged in a photo for a sneak peek! L & J, your family was so fun to work with and I look forward to seeing you again very soon!! XO2015-06-30_0001.jpg 2015-06-30_0002.jpg 2015-06-30_0003.jpg 2015-06-30_0004.jpg 2015-06-30_0005.jpg 2015-06-30_0006.jpg 2015-06-30_0007.jpg 2015-06-30_0008.jpg 2015-06-30_0009.jpg 2015-06-30_0010.jpg 2015-06-30_0011.jpg 2015-06-30_0012.jpg 2015-06-30_0013.jpg 2015-06-30_0014.jpg 2015-06-30_0015.jpg 2015-06-30_0016.jpg 2015-06-30_0017.jpg 2015-06-30_0018.jpg