Crazy in love | Lake County, IL Family Photographer

This is my *third* time being welcomed back to take pictures for this gorgeous family. You guys really have no idea how much this means to me. This family has been there since early on, when I was new, nervous and learning. Through the growing and all that comes with it. I consider these 5 friends and I am blessed that they trust me to share in their love story. When I see them with their babay boy I do think for (only one) second that maybe I could get that boy IF I tried but then I think, ehhhh I'm good I'll just swoon over theirs lol. Frye family you are too cute for words. XOXO2015-10-04_0001.jpg 2015-10-04_0024.jpg 2015-10-04_0026.jpg 2015-10-04_0002.jpg 2015-10-04_0020.jpg 2015-10-04_0027.jpg 2015-10-04_0025.jpg 2015-10-04_0029.jpg 2015-10-04_0028.jpg