Connection | Libertyville Family Lifestyle Photographer | Bella Nicole Photography

Connection. Not only between you as a family but between you and I, your photographer. It is so important. I am a talker (this is not news to most of you) I love people, and I love getting to know each and every one of my clients. You all become my friends, my family, my tribe. I mean it when I say I LOVE getting to be a part of your lives and being able to capture these special times for you all. During our time together we both need to feel 110% comfortable with one another to be able to let true emotion come out during a session. I am always preaching to you guys how I need you to let go but I also need to be able to too. It's a mutual thing and as long as were on the same page and we just get each other then magic happens. Walls come down and emotion spills out. It makes my job easy, it makes kids just be kids, it makes Dads just have fun and hey, he may even leave saying he likes taking pictures. Pictures should be FUN and they can be, just open up and lets just hang out together and capture some pretty awesome memories! Everything I said above is EXACTLY the way each and every moment was captured for this sweet family. We talked the whole time, we played, laughed and giggled. I am pretty sure if we could have we would have poured ourselves a yummy margarita right there and just hung out all day! Clients like thes are my people and ones who I hope continue with me on this journey for a long time. BNP_5212.jpg BNP_5253.jpg BNP_5269.jpg BNP_5289.jpg BNP_5347.jpg BNP_5307.jpg BNP_5475.jpg BNP_5507.jpg BNP_5551.jpg BNP_5590.jpg BNP_5622.jpg BNP_5678.jpg BNP_5788.jpg