Cherish them | Lake County Family Photographer

I was so honored and happy when my friend Jenn came to me requesting a session with her Dad and all of his grandbabies. All too often we get caught up in our busy, daily lives that we forget to take a second and cherish those close to us, those that mean the most to us, and those who have done so much for us. This amazing father of 6 is so loved by his children and even more so by his grandbabies you can just tell by the way they all look at him and smile. Papa, you are so very loved and so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people who you are able to call yours. God Bless you every day as you stay strong through this fight.2015-08-10_0012.jpg 2015-08-10_0025.jpg 2015-08-10_0016.jpg 2015-08-10_0023.jpg 2015-08-10_0019.jpg 2015-08-10_0026.jpg 2015-08-10_0011.jpg 2015-08-10_0027.jpg 2015-08-10_0005.jpg 2015-08-10_0024.jpg 2015-08-10_0003.jpg