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I can go on and on about this Momma and her family. I met Brenda while taking classes towards my nursing degree. Her, myself and Vicky (love you honey) hit it off so fast and they made class with that good ol' bio teacher so much more fun!! Brenda is one of the most caring, loving and all around good mommas that I have seen. I am honored to call her a friend. On that note, do you all (I feel like I should say y'all) wanna know why her session ROCKED?! After a not so great session last year, her baby boy did not want to take pictures because he was not comfotable in his outfit. Brenda gave her littles some guidelines but for the most part let them pick out their own outfits. She let her daughter wear a crown, jewelry and even lipstick. Her son wore gym shoes and comfy clothes that HE picked out. They were HAPPY and comfotable. They listened SO well and we had so much fun. With black and whites combined I delivered them a 162 image gallery!!! Dad had fun, the kids had fun, Momma was so happy. We all enjoyed picture day because we were creating moments and capturing them. That is what picture day is to me at least and I hope maybe one day for your family as well. XOXO Brenda, I love you honey!2015-11-03_0002.jpg 2015-11-03_0026.jpg 2015-11-03_0011.jpg 2015-11-03_0030.jpg 2015-11-03_0004.jpg 2015-11-03_0028.jpg 2015-11-03_0029.jpg 2015-11-03_0031.jpg 2015-11-03_0027.jpg 2015-11-03_0032.jpg 2015-11-03_0025.jpg