A Mother's Love | Lake County, IL Lifestyle photographer

"My mom, Debbie - she is such a great mother and person. She has always put her daughters first and continues to do that with our families. She is a wonderful Grandma to Anderson and her other 4 grandchildren. As a new-ish mom, I find that I am very much like her and I embrace this because she has so many qualities that depict what a Mother's love is supposed to be." My client had no idea that I was going to read what she wrote about her mother to her during their session. It sparked such real emotion and I loved capturing every single second of it. 2016-04-27_0013.jpg 2016-04-27_0010.jpg 2016-04-27_0005.jpg 2016-04-27_0009.jpg 2016-04-27_0011.jpg 2016-04-27_0008.jpg 2016-04-27_0012.jpg