Your journey, captured. | World Breastfeeding Week 2019

That first year of feeding baby.

As a mama to three little ones myself I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I had a “plan.” But even by my third child I realized it didn’t matter what my plan was, because at the end of it all it’s truly up to baby. With my first I was going to nurse. I had everything ready to nurse. It wasn’t even a question that I wouldn’t. I mean, why wouldn’t I? How hard could it be? Well, that all changed after preeclampsia, a horrific c-section and an even worse recovery. I “tried” to nurse but truthfully, I was so exhausted and just wanted whatever was “easiest.” I was in so much pain from childbirth and the engorgement (that no-one tells you about). Fast-forward a few months and here came the guilt and the pressures of society. I hated that I just quit and truly didn’t try nursing my first. So when I became pregnant with my second daughter I knew I would nurse her NO MATTER WHAT. And I did. Fairly easily, and for 19 months. We had an amazing run. No pain, no supply issues.

5 years later we had my son and he definitely had his own plan. We also started our nursing journey fairly easily. He latched well, was an amazing eater and our journey was off to a great start. Around 8-9 months he started becoming very distracted and biting. I tried tirelessly to work through it. Because I had plans. In fact, I was one of those mama’s who wanted to nurse him off to college (kidding, kinda). But knowing he was my last I wanted to savor every last ounce of baby and wanted to let him naturally wean. Well at 10 months and one too many blood drawing bites our journey had ended due to his refusal to nurse. This crushed me and I am still not fully over it. I did have my wonderful photographer capture a few shots of our journey but I had always dreamt of having images of us in a pasture at sunset very much like these that I was lucky enough to capture for my beautiful friend. I thought we had time. I said “Oh, we’ll take more at our next session.” Not realizing he would self-wean so early. This leads me to my why for this project. I am so passionate about helping mama’s like myself hold on to this little piece of motherhood that is so fleeting. I would love for you to join me in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by celebrating your feeding journey. Whatever that journey may be. As parents of little ones we all know the emotion that comes with the first year of feeding baby and that journey isn’t always easy. This is a journey that deserves to be celebrated. So as we head into World Breastfeeding Week I would love to capture your journey and help tell your story.

xo, Krissy

Krissy Yurko